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A sicilian american feminist cultural historian, my contribution  to the ongoing change of paradigm in  historical and cultural studies may be suggested by the publication journey of my dark mother. african origins and godmothers (New York, Chicago, Lincoln, and Shanghai, iUniverse, 2001) italian edition , la madre o-scura (Cosenza, Mediterranea Media, 2004,) french edition, la mere noire, Paris and Cameroun, Editions Menaibuc. La maison d'edition de l'Afrique et des Caraibe,2006. And book in progress, 2005-2006, "the future has an ancient heart.  transformational legacy of african migration paths to all continents.  cases of Italy, France, and Spain. Significant stops on this journey include

2006 Research trip to Italy for the future has an ancient heart.   I find that I do research all round the Mediterranean but that I need to touch base in my homeland so that I can comprehend all the information.   We shall be going to my ancestral places in Ragusa Ibla, Syracuses, and Palermo.  Since the trip coiincides with Holy week before easter, we hope to catch some of these rituals which enact deep beliefs, often outside  canonical doctrine. . . at Enna and   Tindari.  Then up the Salento Peninsula (south of Bari) which seems to fit my hypothesis of frican migration paths, menhirs and dolmens, black madonnas,  left political beliefs, nonviolence, and the recent Permanent Convention of Women against War at Bari.   Then to Etruria:  african migration paths, ancient harmonious relationships of men and women,  great art of the italian renaissance,  center of italian resistance to the nazis,  model of a humane regional communism, best cucina of Italy,  ecology movement, nonviolence center,  strong feminist movements.  In Umbria, the  culture of S. Francis brings clear light to my hypothesis.  March 31 - May 6.       

2005 Invited paper to the international conference at the University of  Toulouse, France "Africans and their descendants in Europe before the xxth century" sponsored by University of Toulouse and  La Maison de l'Afrique of  Toulouse, "European godmothers: African inheritance." December 8, 9, and 10.

2005 "the future has an ancient heart. african legacy in Europe," Conference on Folklore of the American Italian Historical Association in Los Angeles, November 4-6.

2005 "Faith:and Feminism: An Interfaith Dialogue,"  California Institute of Integral Studies, featuring a conversation with Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. at San Francisco Film Center with voices from the community. Lucia's presentation,  "My class on heresies at CIIS in 2005 includes one catholic nun interested in submerged beliefs,  three avowed witches, two christian ministers, a german thealogian, an african american healer interested in hindu goddesses,  other womanist/feminist scholars, one of whom has just had her hair cut in a Mohawk." November 12.

2005 "Dark mother," A Women's Thealogy Series, sponsored by Women's Heritage Project, Unity Church by the Sea, Santa Monica, CA. October 27.

2005 "Reclaiming the legacy of african mothers," 17th Annual Cheikh Anta Diop International Conference, "African Explorations: Theories and Models of Creativity and Discovery for a Resurgent African World," Sponsored by Ankh, a Scientific Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 30-October 1.

2005 "Matriarchal (in the sense of women in the beginning) societies in Africa, Spain, France, and Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany in Italy," Lucia's paper read by Jodi Macmillan at Societies of Peace. Past, Present, Future. Second World Congress on Matriarchal Studies, San Marcos/Austin, Texas, September 30-October 1.

2005 Research stay in France studying african migration paths, signs of the african dark mother, african water rituals, 25,000 icons of the african woman divinity,  the cathar heresy in the French Pyrenees. June and July.

2005 "Black Madonnas and the dark mother of Africa." Conference, "The Black Madonna and the Womb of God.  Transcultural Symbols of Healing and Liberation." Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley  Summer Session, June 18, 2005

2005 Publication,  She is Everywhere! An anthology of writings in womanist/feminist spirituality gathered by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum (New York, Chicago, Lincoln, and Shanghai, iUniverse, 2005). "Perhaps the first womanist feminist anthology which includes women's voices from many cultural and spiritual traditions across the globe from past to present. The book will be enormously useful and stimulating to women's studies classes and the emerging vibrant study of women's spirituality." May.

2004 "The emerging new paradigm - - convergence of many cultural studies, and many disciplines." 16th annual Cheikh Anta Diop Intrernational Conference on Afrocentrism. October.

2004 "Black madonnas and other dark women divinities," series,"Diverse Faiths." of the San Diego Public Library sponsored by the Italian Department of the University of California at San Diego and the traveling exhibit of black madonnas of the City University of New York. October.

2004 "Memory of the dark mother.  New interpretations, new research methods," Valcamonica Symposium: Nuove scoperte, nuove interpretazioni, nuovi metodi, ricerca.    Darfo-Boario, Italia. International conference of archeologists and other scholars of pre-history. Presentation of la madre o-scura with a paper, "Black mother and the paradigm shift." September 13.

2004 In recognition of scholarly and activist work for a multicultural society, American Heritage Award of the Immigration Lawyers Foundation, in a salute to five extraordinary Italian/Americans." June 11.

2004 Led a CIIS study tour to Sardinia, uncovering a great deal of archeological and cultural evidence of african migration paths and the veneration of the black african mother on this island that produced Grazia De Ledda, Antonio Gramsci, and Enrico Berlinger. May and June.

2004 Publication of la madre o-scura by Mediterranea Media in Cosenza, Italia. February.

2003 Led study tour to Spain, tracking african migration paths, archeological and cultural evidence of the african legacy in Spain. March 1-13.

2003 "African origins with a semitic overlay," International Women's Congress, "Society in Balance," in Luxemburg, September.

2003 Founding Mothers Award of the Women's Spirituality, Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities programs, California Institute for Integral Studies.  For "visionary co-creation of the first Women's Spirituality M.A. and Ph.D. programs in the world."September.

2002 Launching of dark mother. african origins and godmothers at California Institute of Integral Studies with an art exhibit on the  dark mother. March.

2002 Led study tour #2 to Sicily, uncovering more evidence of the african black mother in archeology and cultural history.

2001 Led study tour to Sicily, uncovering evidence of the african black mother in archeology and cultural history.

2001 Publication of dark mother. african origins and godmothers (New York, Chicago, Lincoln, and Shanghai, iUniverse, 2001). December.